Problem connect SMTP Mail with joomla 1.5

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Problem connect SMTP Mail with joomla 1.5

Postby phannyit » Wed Jun 13, 2012 8:26 am

Hi Everyone,

I have a problem with mailing from Joomla 1.5.20. My web hosting company does not provide mail server, I don't want to change the web hosting because i am using UNLIMITED WEB HOSTING. So i have no choice, i must use SMTP Server for sending mail in joomla.The SMTP server is from Gmail. Below is the details, So if this is wrong please kind to correct me

Mailer : SMTP Server
Mail from : myname@mydomain
From Name : IT4KHMER
Sendmail Path :(default path)
SMTP Authentication: Yes
SMTP Security :SSL
SMTP Port : 465
SMTP Username : my gmail account
SMTP Password : my gmail password
SMTP Host :

When i test to create a new user then Joomla appears message: "SMTP error, Can not connect to SMTP Server".

If anyone know how to fix this problem please share.

Thanks in advance

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