Resolved: no textarea in NO WYSIWYG

Need help with a WYSIWYG-editor in Joomla! 1.0.x? This is the place to be.

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Resolved: no textarea in NO WYSIWYG

Postby cronlin » Wed Sep 14, 2005 3:54 pm

hello, it's me again :D 

I finally managed to get pretty much the way I want it. Here's the only problem I'm having now. I have downloaded and installed mosce Final and it works brilliantly. However, I need to add my color finder to my content. I used to have it as a static page, but I refrained from that this go around so that I do not need to use the individual bot command for my AkoComment. Either way, I cannot enter the javascript code into the mosce html editor, but when I disabled mosce and tried using NO WYSIWYG  there aren't any textareas to input my content. 

Does anyone have any suggestions?

Edit: feel like an idiot! (I know, what's new right?) but I decided to check on the none.php file to see if I could find something wrong, and there wasn't a none.php file in mambots/editors.... guess I found out what was wrong, eh?  :D
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