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Developing a HTML5/Web2 interface variant for Joomla

Posted: Wed Nov 16, 2011 11:22 am
by mc007

We are developing various systems such as stand-alone systems around CMS systems. We implemented now an independent HTML5/Web2.0 client for mobile devices, tablets and dedicated KIOSK systems. One of our key requirements however was to eliminate the need of PHP and MySQL. So we did and developed a proxy servlet, which acts as resource optimizer and REST service in order to serve the HTML5/Web2 client. As the work itself is done on a professional base and we are free to do whatever we want with it, we thought we distribute big parts as OpenSource.

We’d like to enable Joomla users and developers to extend and customize the framework to their needs to build in no time their own Web2 applications basing on Joomla content.

This is what we’ve done so far:

-Complete wrapper for Joomla font and back end tasks, written in JS(Client) and Java(Server).
-An abstract interface layer to switch between jQuery, Dojo or a framework of your choice
-Abstract data exchange format to support various CMS systems or affiliated data

In order to make it easy for Joomla users and developers we’d have some questions:

1. Which license do you suggest? We are looking at dual license models and would prefer BSD, CommonCreative,.... We had a look at GPL but we found it’s adding more restrictions than use in this case. People must be able to earn their money without using this “service” tricks to get around GPL. It must be straightforward for every kind of use.

2. Does it make sense to use the same callback model as in the PHP implementation of Joomla (onPostSave,)…?

3. Should we wait for the new RPC interface replacement instead of providing our own variant?

4. Would you suggest supporting cloud computing for server tasks?

5. Do you need to run tasks on the server side using JS?

6. Are multi-site environment important to you ?

Please let us know what else is important to you! We are very open to any suggestion ☺

All the best,

Re: Developing a HTML5/Web2 interface variant for Joomla

Posted: Mon Nov 21, 2011 6:50 pm
by mc007
Wow, 430 clicks. I see a lot of interests here :D

However, here you can watch the progress, its updated daily :

Android/iPhone : http://[no tiny url]/imtablet2

Tablets (Android/iPhone) : http://[no tiny url]/imtablet3

The real Web2/HTML5 version for desktop computers comes in Feb. with its own plugin and customization interface. Its all done in JS. You will have access to all famous frameworks such as jQuery, Dojo and Proton. We are planning to build an app designer in top of all, for front-end and back-end (Thanks to jCooker !!!).

It will be licensed with a liberal BSD license and the most of it is for free :p

And about my questions, I could find the answers byself. In fact yes to all, except to the RPC thingy.

Have fun, guenter

Re: Developing a HTML5/Web2 interface variant for Joomla

Posted: Tue Nov 29, 2011 5:50 pm
by mc007

we are looking for a volunteer to test our new HTML5 Joomla implementation. There will be no charge or anything else bothering but there are a few conditions to take you on :

Your site is multilingual (JoomFish)
You have a lots of articles and media
We exchange your data via custom AKEE backups through or direct link FTP (temp. solution only)
A plus : you're using JEvents or something similar
You'r using banners or any other affiliate ads
You have a complex navigation structure

After we finalised your mobile page, you will receive updates forever as well little customisations. Please contact me by PM.

This is what you get :

A iPhone/iPad + Android SmartPhone + Android-Tablet - mobile application done in HTML5.

Feel welcome and all the best,

Re: Developing a HTML5/Web2 interface variant for Joomla

Posted: Tue Mar 20, 2012 7:09 pm
by mc007
we are in alpha phase and made quite some progress regarding our "app-studio".

Those things we added in the mean time

- Support for CMIS (Mounts Joomla/Wordpress and custom sources)
- Support for Blackberry/iPad and many others. Hybrid or native. (iphone app example 1 , iphone app example 2)
- Application inheritance (Setups a master application, works well when having multiple brands,etc..)
- We completly removed the borders between Joomla/Wordpress and some other systems (Liferay/OpenCMS/dotCMS). In fact you design your app like a story board, using drag'n'drop. You can do this with every kind object.
- Support for back-end operations : (Deletes,Adds,Edits your content)
- Support for JEvents, Banners, JReviews,Breezing Forms, RSForm Pro, FrontPageSlideShow, VirtueMart, Built-In-E-Commerce, JoomFish(+Extensions)
- Support for Adobe-Edge/Sencha-Animator (Embedds app-studio elements into their frameworks, neat !! )
See here an older demo

We'd like to know what else is important to you regarding your Joomla on mobile or tablets !? We don't want make just another "mobile-template", we are more focused on how to get the most out of all systems within one solution and output it as desktop/mobile or embedded application(ie: KIOSK/Tablet - OS).

You can tell us here what plug-ins you wanna have supported else. For private usage its free and we provide also a proper 100% JS interface to make your own mobile-web/native-app.
Any suggestion is welcome,
Thanks a lot and have fun,