two Factor over own Mail Server (NOT Gmail)

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two Factor over own Mail Server (NOT Gmail)

Postby pctech » Wed May 17, 2017 11:06 pm

Good evening everyone

I am looking for a simple way to send a link (or a number) to the user's e-mail address each time as a 2nd factor.

Actually just like when registering.
There is also (over) the e-mail address is authenticated.

As an security feature, always hide the characters at the e-mail address in the user controller.
Example: jo .. @ .. p .. or as in the password field without content.

But I am also already glad that iam find in my user account the relevant e-mail address ..

But it is also a risk to show the e-mail address fully.
everything is running today over e-mail.
That's why the Idea or Question: Confirm each login via E-mail would be clever.

Best regards to all, sincerely Marcel
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