Improve Copy Template with Style(s) as well

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Improve Copy Template with Style(s) as well

Post by bruckland » Tue Aug 18, 2015 12:19 pm

I'd like to float an idea on how the action initiated by the "Copy Template" button in the Template Manager "Customise Template" window might be able to be improved. It might be possible for a dialog box (form) to be presented, showing a list of all the styles associated with the template being copied, including for each a checkbox, enabling one to indicate which style(s) one wished to copy to the new template. Then the procedure I described (adding rows to the database table and editing the two fields in each as they are added) could be fully automated.

The directory tpls would not need to be copied "lock stock and barrel" as now, but rather only those .php files contained in it which are needed for the styles checked in the dialog box would be duplicated in the new template.

The appropriate line in the file templateDetails.xml of the new template (line 112 in the case of purity_iii if installed using QuickStart) could also be edited as part of the process.
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