Joomla3 Registration and Profile Security and Accessibility

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Joomla3 Registration and Profile Security and Accessibility

Post by pctech » Mon Dec 05, 2016 7:44 pm

Hello Joomla3 Forum for Security and Access

I wondered about the progress in Registration & Profile Issues since long Time.
While Mambo and after 2005 decision i stay with Joomla.

It was pleasant Time i was able just To Do Programming possibility's it with one ore more files.
Yes i was up to 2013 on programming Open Source to, then i burn out.

Please do enlarge the Registration thing with password strenght, Username and E-MAIL Checker
and PLEASE make the Validation while the REAL User make the Registration.

Save and handle it like a modern ShoppingBasket, do validation after every Field Value change and:
IF RELY all the checks are properly done and Formatted, THEN, ONLY THEN save it..
Would be so complicated or ;)

we did that thing password strenght, Username and E-Mail already at com_alpharegistration (v2.0.2 (Joomla 1.5))

If You need assistance, lets do it, its a shame is security&registration&Profile things not further, it seams it stays behind Mambo or Joomla1.
Lovely Greetings from pctech or OneStonehead.
All the Power To OpenSource!
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