Smart Search Module - placeholder text

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Smart Search Module - placeholder text

Post by quolibet » Wed Apr 19, 2017 1:49 pm

In the Smart Search module, there isn't an option to input an placeholder text.
The standard placeholder text is taken from the language file (Search...).
The Smart Search module should be expanded with an optional placeholder text input field (under modules --> Smart Search).

Why is this an great addition?
Nowadays more website have an bigger search field displayed on their template, as part of their design.
But besides this search field, an standard small search icon is displayed on, for example, the top right.

In the current situation only one placeholder text can be inserted. The 'standard', or an own version through a language override.

For the larger search field, an placeholder text might be someting like: "Enter your searchphrase here!"
On the small search field, an placeholder text might be someting like this: "Search..."

Adding this field for your own placeholder text is a huge improvement. People don't have to work with language overrides anymore and you are able to use multiple different placeholder texts.

Thanks for reading my suggestion.


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