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Framework clients and multisite

Posted: Thu Oct 26, 2017 3:06 am
by mmx
You will have to excuse my ignorance of the current Joomla! API. I have not built a site with Joomla! since 1.5 and have been off in the weeds building projects with the Yii framework. For a series of large projects I needed a heavy-duty CMS foundation and decided to take the Joomla! route based on past experiences. I was hoping to find integral multisite support in the latest release of the cmf layer.

Yes, I know about AlterBrains Mightysites and JMS Multisite but was hoping to see a more elegant solution not involving webserver configuration machinations and framework hacks.

Joomla! has always treated the backend and frontend as separate framework clients in a hard-coded way. Menus and templates can be assigned to the backend and frontend independently. I am curious to know why this concept has not been extended to components, modules, plugins, and client configurations. That is, in the least case provide a foundation for extension developers who are developing multisite extensions. Based on a casual look at the core, the event hooks already exist for pulling this off.

Now that Joomla! is supporting relational databases engines by default (innodb support was a welcome sight), it is possible to add multisite support using pivot tables to create many-to-many relationships between a hierarchial-structured client table (domains, nested subdomains or aliased slaves), a configuration table, and the existing extensions table.

Are their any plans for multisite support in the future?