Improve Cache of Joomla

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Improve Cache of Joomla

Postby p_il_musicante » Fri Nov 17, 2017 7:02 am

This feature is very import because it improve the cache management of Joomla
I've propose the following code to modify the file /libraries/src/Cache/Cache.php

public static function getPlatformPrefix()
// No prefix when Global Config is set to no platfom specific prefix
if (!\JFactory::getConfig()->get('cache_platformprefix', '0'))
return '';

$detect = new Mobile_Detect;

// Any tablet device.
if( $detect->isTablet()
return 'T-';
}else if ($detect->isMobile() && !$detect->isTablet() )
return 'M-';

return '';

Is it posible Add this feature in the next release of Joomla or Add with core hack file in the actual release?
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Re: Improve Cache of Joomla

Postby leolam » Fri Nov 24, 2017 3:12 am

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