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Search function in template files

Posted: Sun Jun 07, 2020 6:49 pm
by stargazer1682
When viewing template files in the backend, whether CSS or the index.php, etc, it would be nice to have a word search feature that can scan the full file and take you to each instance; like any other search feature does. Maybe it's the browser I'm using (Chrome), but the built in browser search will only search within the text that's physically on the screen and nothing that's above or below in the display window for those files. This often means taking a copy of the file offline and opening it in a program, like notebook, and using the search function there; apply any changes I'm looking to make and re-upload the file. Which is all fine and well, but an extra step if I could just do it all from the backend.

And having that search function also be able to search the line number wouldn't hurt either, though less of a hassle if it didn't.