Suggestion to lock/archive the J! ideas forum

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Suggestion to lock/archive the J! ideas forum

Post by sozzled » Tue Jun 01, 2021 10:34 pm

This is just a suggestion to lock and archive the Joomla! Ideas Forum.

There are three good reasons to do this:

1) It is not the source of new feature requests/ideas that the J! CMS developers use. This forum category began over fifteen years ago because the forum was the main place where the developers and ordinary users met to exchange their thoughts. That time has passed. As explained in viewtopic.php?f=575&t=983999, a new venue has been created where ideas about the CMS can be exchanged, discussed, debated, accepted, rejected or put on hold.

2) As explained in viewtopic.php?f=575&t=983999, this forum category is sometimes used by spam merchants or prejudicial views about the CMS. Neither of those topics are welcome on the forum. Therefore, if this forum category is locked this denies the opportunity for unnecessary and unwelcome topics.

3) Some of the discussions in this forum category are worth keeping because they document the course of the J! project. For that reason, those discussions should be retained—in "read only" form—as a historical reference. They can be retained (and remain searchable) if this forum category is moved to one of the forum's archives.

There may be reasons why this suggestion should not be adopted. For example, it may prevent people who are reluctant to create a GitHub account (or who feel intimidated by the procedural arrangements in place on GitHub). To those people I would suggest "nothing ventured, nothing gained." Create a GitHub account, go to ... ries/ideas and see what other people are offering as ideas. Try it for yourself. 8)


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