Plugin User-profil disable function

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Plugin User-profil disable function

Post by johan_o » Thu Feb 14, 2013 3:38 pm


Report is concerning the User - Profile plugin.

In the backend I can choose 'required', 'optional' or 'disabled' for each field in the user profile - both for registration/backend and frontend. That all works fine visually.

However when choosing 'disable' for a field in the frontend - for instance the field 'City' - and a user then edits the users profile (fronted) the field does not show on the frontend (correct behavior) but the update deletes the content of the field in the backend (I would think that was a bug - or?)

In the backend I have selected the field 'City' to be required at registration and disabled on the frontend. That way a user needs to fill in the information at registration but can't edit it after registration.
A user registers and types 'Copenhagen' in the city field. The info is stored in the database and can be seen and edited from the backend but not from the frontend. (All is fine)
Now the user logs in and edit the users profile. The field city is not visible. (All is fine)
The user completes the update and saves the changes. (All is fine)
But when I look at the user profile in the backend the city field for the user is now empty! (Bug?)

Hope someone can explain if this is correct behavior or it's a bug (Which I hope because I can't see the benefit of the present behavior) :-)

Regards Johan Ohrt


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