contact list does not work as I expect.

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contact list does not work as I expect.

Post by wjfriesen » Sat Oct 11, 2014 12:31 am

First, I could not figure our how to search this forum without looking at every entry one at a time. Thus if this is a repeat let me apologize up front.

Joomla 2.5.27 PHP 5.4.22

Front end Contact list.

I have 800 contacts. When I use the contact list component up comes page 1.
Then I select sort by city and I get a new sort with the first 20 contacts sorted by citys starting with "a".
Everything is good so far right?

Now select the second page of contacts while still being on sort by city. Oops the sort reverts back to "by name" but page page 2. If I now select sort by city after going to page 2 I get the second page of by city.

Let me try to be more concise. After switching to sort by city and then selecting page two, I would have expected that I get page 2 of of the sorted by city data.

It is consistent that if I am on page 10 of the sort by name and then select sort by city, I get the 10th page of the sort by city.

I have several suggestions for a fix.
First, add a banner across the top of the list that tells me what I will be getting, sort by, page etc.
Then I would like to be able to select the sort by, and page number etc. Then allow me to adjust the values via a drop down.


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