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Gamer Review

Posted: Sun Feb 22, 2009 7:37 am
by yudhis97
We launched this site a few months ago. Site visitors and members are growing steadily.
Website URL : Gamer Review
Template: darkgreen
Additional Extensions (Components, Modules, Plug ins): AlphaContent, APF by MrRat, BSQ Sitestats, Community Builder, JoomlaLib, mXcomment, Ping,
PU Arcade, Raf Cloud, Seyret, Xmap
Custom Development: a little here and there to tweak template
Other Features: Topsites
Three (at least) specific areas of my site that I'd like feedback on (design, code, graphics, etc.): design, ease of use, marketability
Tips and suggestions on this aspect would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks for your inputs I look forward to reading your thoughts on my work.