Notes on help screen for banner editing.

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Notes on help screen for banner editing.

Post by pikepace » Fri Mar 10, 2006 6:03 pm

I recently used the help screen for banner editing (Joomla 1.0.8 administrator side, Components -> Banners -> Manage Banners -> click on specific banner name) and made some notes about it.  This file is: help/screen.banners.edit.html

The help window has
--- Draft 453
written in the top right corner.  I do not know whether this is the current convention for documentation labels or a leftover from previous notes.

Before the Toolbar Icons section the following sentence appears
This page let's create or edit a banner's details.
I am not a grammar expert, so at the risk of being incorrect, I think this should say something along the lines of, "This page lets us create or edit a banner's details" or "On this page we are able to create or edit a banner's details."

In the Toolbar Icons section it describes the "Apply" icon.  This icon is not present in Joomla 1.0.8 on the banner edit screen.  I do not recall whether it was present in a previous version.

In the Details section there is an item called "Banner URL", which does not appear on the banner edit page.  The order of these items in the help page does not match their order on the banner edit page.  The word "developer" is misspelled in the Custom banner code item. Finally, there is a "Banner Alt text" item that does not appear on the banner edit page.

Here is some text that I think might be useful for this page (some of this is directly copied from the existing help page):
This page lets us create or edit a banner's details.

Toolbar Icons
Upload: Opens a new window from which you are able to upload an image on your computer to the images/banners folder.

Save: Saves the content and returns to the Banner Manager.

Close: Cancels the action. Any modifications are lost. If opened to edit, the banner remains checked-in.

Banner Name:  [Text Field]  An identifying label for this specific banner item.  It is displayed in the list of banners available for editing and may appear in the address link when visitors hover the banner displayed on your live site.

Client Name:  [Drop Down Select Box]  Assigns this banner to an existing client.  The Components -> Banners -> Manage Clients panel displays the number of banners assigned to each client.

Impressions Purchased:  [Text Field] and [Checkbox]  Enter the number of times to display to banner into the input field, or tick the "Unlimited" checkbox for unlimited display.

Show Banner:  [Drop Down Select Box]  Sets whether this banner is displayed as part of the banner rotation on your live site.

Click URL:  [Text Field]  Enter here the full URL to the page which should open when the banner is clicked on.

Clicks:  [Text Display] and [Button]  The number of times this banner has been clicked is displayed in a read-only format.  The "Reset Clicks" button adjacent to this display allows the user to set this value to zero.
Custom Banner Code:  [Text Area]  You may enter here some code (See Developer Manual for more information).

Banner Image Selector:  [Drop Down Select Box]  A listing of all available banner images from which one may be chosen to represent this banner item.  The same banner may be attached to multiple banner items, which allows the same image to provide visitors with different links.

Banner Image:  [Image Display]  A read-only image display of the presently selected banner.  This preview allows you to verify that the desired banner has been assigned to this item.
I hope this is useful in some way.  The documentation is very helpful and I appreciate it greatly.


Re: Notes on help screen for banner editing.

Post by ledzep » Fri Mar 10, 2006 6:43 pm

Thank you.

Take a look at:,45011.0.html

If you have other suggestions or would like to help, Private Message me please.

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Re: Notes on help screen for banner editing.

Post by Michelle Bisson » Thu Mar 16, 2006 4:17 am


Thanks for your suggestions!  We always appreciate them.  If you think that you may have some time, please let me know as we can always use another helping hand.

There is still alot of work to do.

Contact me by pm.

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Re: Notes on help screen for banner editing.

Post by cabdirazzaq » Wed Jun 27, 2007 10:56 pm

Michelle Bisson wrote: pikepace,

Thanks for your suggestions!  We always appreciate them.
I could'nt agree more! I am a newbie here, and posts like these are really helpful. Thanx
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