Directions to build a flash card learning platform

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Directions to build a flash card learning platform

Postby singultus » Mon Feb 20, 2012 5:05 pm

Dear community!

My first post here :), I'm completely new to Joomla! and hoped you guys may point out some directions to me how to go about my project (plugins suitable, own experiences, ideas for good approaches etc).

The project:
I plan to build a learning platform using flash cards. Users - a selected few - should be able to log in and do the following:
- Add new flash cards in a predefined tree of categories. E.g.: one side: "The zebra", other side: description of the zebra with bullet points and other simple styles and maybe a picture of one. Tag the card with e.g. "Mammal" and "Africa".
- Go through existing flash cards either ordered or shuffled by first deciding on a category or a tag, e.g. "Animals", and then go through the cards using arrow keys (or a next button for the start).

This should prove to be more than enough for the start ;) .

Before you despair and ask "what's the n00b up to??": While having no experience with Joomla! and only little with php and css, I have sound knowledge in c/c++, Java and HTML. So I hope to find my way eventually :D

Any thoughts on it?
Cheers, singultus

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