Any other explanation but bug in Category management ?

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Any other explanation but bug in Category management ?

Post by rainer042 » Sun Jun 03, 2012 7:10 am


I observed a very strange behaviour in joomla 2.5. I have a multilingual setup, so the plugin System:language filter is activated I have a menu fpr each language and a category tree for each language. I upgraded my joomla site from version 1.5 to 2.5.4 using jupgrade. After some manual adaptions everything was working with the updated multilingual site except for one thing:

I inserted a menu entry to show a list of all articles in my "german->blog" category. When selecting the menu entry only two articles were shown allthough there are 6 arcticles in this category. After turning off System:language filter plugin all articles were correctly shown.

I tried to find what the difference between the two shown articles in category blog to the rest in this category was. I found that exactly these two articles were the only ones that had not been created by administrator. They were created by another regular joomla user I had used to write the articles. All other artcles were shown as beeing created by "administrator".

So what I tried next was to manipulate the joomla database tables directly (joomla does not seem to offer a way to do this via the interface) to change the "created_by" column from '"administrator" to another regular joomla user "X". So ran the following SQL statement that does the job. '65' is the user id of user "X":

UPDATE `j25_content` SET `created_by` = '65'

Afterwards all articles appeared correctly to be created not by administrator but by user "X". And big surprise now the category list is working great even if System: Language Filter is activated. I see all 6 articles in the category list.

Does anyone have an explanation for this effect?
Else I would consider this to be a bug.



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