Joomla Performance 1.6.1 - advice required please

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Joomla Performance 1.6.1 - advice required please

Post by dinos_c » Mon Apr 04, 2011 1:18 pm

Hi Guys

I have currently built the following site and it is hosted on an easyspace hosting server (windows platform). I have had intermittent performance issues, for example the performance is sometimes ok and sometimes I get http error 500 messages. At times I have contacted easyspace and was informed that there were issues with the network, but the problem still keeps coming back, in essence slow loading of pages sometimes up to 20 seconds. I have also switched on caching in the global configuration section but to no great effect. Can I please ask for your help on how to improve the speed of this site?
• Is there something the hosting agency can do?
• Do I have too many modules, can this be issues?
• Is it the mysql part of hosting service that might be causing the problem?
• Has anyone used easyspace?
• Are there any known performance issues with Joomla? If so will this be looked at in the next bug fix release?

Furthermore I have only two plug-ins attached which are:
Acymail and the template!
Any advice on getting this site to load faster and without intermittent error messages is much appreciated
Thanking you all in-advance for your help



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