Extremely SLOoowww on iPage Shared and even on localhost

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Extremely SLOoowww on iPage Shared and even on localhost

Post by rpacdn » Tue Apr 05, 2011 2:23 pm

I am noticing major delays (several seconds to load each page) in loading any pages on my Joomla site. I am seeing the same issue on both my localhost and also on my website on iPage shared server. However, I do have a regular traditional style website on the iPage which obviously is loading fast enough.

My localhost configuration:
- Windows 7
- XAMPP (latest version)
- Joomla 1.6
- T3 Framework for J1.6
- Purity II template.

I did not even change the default pages, but the site is noticably SLOooww..... and it is equally slow on my iPage server based test site as well.

Host: iPage (used the iPage extensions installer to install Joomla 1.6)
Installed location: /base/path/of/my/site/joomla
Currently not configured as the default site. The default site is an html/CSS based site created by hand coding and Dreamweaver.

Clearly I can see that the Joomla.org site and many other Joomla sites are working fine. So it is probably something that I am NOT doing that is making my site too slow. I had experienced the same problem with 1.5 as well. I have seen few others also raise this same concern.

Is there anything I can do to improve the performance. Please let me know if you need more information. I can sent you the link to my site in a private email if it helps you to see my test site.

Thank you.


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