ERRORS in Media Manager, Extension Manager and Menu Manager.

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ERRORS in Media Manager, Extension Manager and Menu Manager.

Post by giaroleon » Thu Apr 07, 2011 12:16 am

I recently uploaded an extension called "fade gallery". I didn't like it and then I decided to uninstall it. When I uninstalled I got the message that uninstall failed... and then everything started....

1. In Media Manager the folder's tree is all messed up, can't see the media folder and when I click on "details view" it does not respond. Not to mention that I can't upload any images.
2. When I try to upload something in Extensions Manager nothing actually happens.
3. In Menu Manager I now got a strange layout and
4. No command actually works from the toolbar.

In fact, wherever I click, I got the "error" message from the browser. I got in my site's backend from another PC, using a different browser but again, nothing works properly.

A strange thing is that although when everything started, the uninstall failed, this "fade gallery" does not appear anymore in the module manager list (I can't see whether it is still in the Extensions Manager:Manage list cause I can't even click on the next page button).

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