Language selector module and remove url language code bug?

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Language selector module and remove url language code bug?

Post by tobe_ » Fri Dec 27, 2013 7:14 pm

Hello, i manage a multilanguage site, it is , default language is spanish. Remove url language code is set to yes.When i visit the site in spanish, spanish language selector module links are correct. I then switch to english language, and then go to the url /the-hotel . Now i check english language selctor module, in the spanish flag, the links points to /es/el-hotel , when it should be /el-hotel. Language selector modules in non deafult language don't remove default language code.
It happens in all the 4 languages language selector modules that i have. So google is finding and indexing all my /es/links instead of /links for my default language. Please help and correct the language selector module. Thanks
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