Button colors not working in other language

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Button colors not working in other language

Post by sicco » Mon Jan 06, 2014 9:23 pm

Hi all,

Got a new website up and after quite some technical issues up and running in 2 languages. (www.ie-translations.com)

My problem is the following. In the english part, the buttons nicely change colors according to where you are. Yet, in the Dutch version, the Home button always stays active, even if you're on another page.

I checked the following:

- all articles and menu items are in the right language
- page has 1 hidden (main menu), 1 english and 1 dutch menu (as required for language switcher to work normally)
- I associated all the pages (dutch-english).

Website template was created with Artisteer (4).

Somebody can give a hand?
Thanks in advance,


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