Copy failed error in Template Manager: Edit Style

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Copy failed error in Template Manager: Edit Style

Post by csolon » Mon Mar 16, 2015 12:33 am

This does not make sense. I've installed joomla 2.5 using a sample package that included sample data and a theme. The theme included works just fine where I can change the style. However when I install other themes by this same person, I am getting a Copy failed message at the top and when I change the style, it won't save. I can copy the theme just fine, but the copied theme does the same thing when I try to edit the style. This does not happen with the templates included with joomla, nor with the template I installed with the sample data. The additional templates I've installed were installed successfully and work fine, except I cannot change any of the style options on templates installed separately from joomla.

What doesn't make any sense is that in the past few months I did the same thing for another domain and everything worked just fine. I was able to install several templates and could make changes to the style without getting the Copy Failed error message. But now after having problems with this new domain, I went back to the other domain where I was successful in doing this, and now it's doing the same thing on the other domain too. Any template I installed separately from joomla is giving me the Copy Failed message, which really ticks me off because I have not touched that template for months, and I haven't done anything to it between the last time I made style changes and now, which makes me wonder if it is a problem with the hosting company I use. If that is the case, I have no idea what to ask them to do.

I have checked everything in the file structures, and the file permissions, and the cache template permissions, and everything is exactly the same as it is on the templates that were installed with joomla, so I don't get it. I've spent hours and hours and hours on this, and now this forum is my last resort. Can anyone help me with this problem?

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Re: Copy failed error in Template Manager: Edit Style

Post by jcms » Mon Mar 16, 2015 7:19 am

you must check template package.... it supports your joomla version or not?



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