Site hacked...invisible Porn code/link in source code

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Site hacked...invisible Porn code/link in source code

Post by mitcht » Tue Jan 20, 2015 6:59 pm

I volunteer my time at the local church with their site and I noticed that when I view the source code via a browser I see the following:

http://www.familyinchrist. com/

<span class='nnbfuukhrwjxbkrflhp'><a href="http://best-milf-porn.[spam].com/">milf porn</a></span>

<span class='nnbfuukhrwjxbkrflhp'><a href="http://hottest-lesbian-videos.[spam].com/">lesbian videos</a></span>

I also noticed a line of code at the top of this page, looks like it "broke" the page: [url]http://www.familyinchrist.c%20om/get-connected-421/students/main[/url]

I told them a year ago to get the Akeeba Admin Tools but they did not listen...they will now. :-)

How could this of been injected?

Any tips on how to clean the site?

Thank you,

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Re: Site hacked...invisible Porn code/link in source code

Post by mandville » Tue Jan 20, 2015 7:55 pm

Before you post : read and action this topic covers the info needed and steps taken once you find your hacked.
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