Urls messed up after migration

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Urls messed up after migration

Post by simonedev » Tue Mar 31, 2020 1:07 pm

Hi there.
I'm trying to migrate a site to a new domain. The person hosting the site now is not very collaborative, so I have no access to the real site.
I just received the dump of the DB together with all Joomla e Virtuemart files.

My problem is that, once I migrated the site, all URLs seems not working fine. There are several issues with the position of the language code and with some redirections.

So let me explain...

The old store url is something like this: http://www.old-domain/webshop/<lang_code>

My new (test) installation url should be like this: https://www.new-domain/subdomain/webshop/<lang_code>
(I have to use a subdomain because my test server is hosting other sites...)

I modified the configuration file, updating all DB, temp and logs data.

When I try to access the new installation, it's pretty evident that something has gone wrong with the url rewiting

These are my tests and results:

https://www.new-domain/subdomain/ --> leads to a blank page
https://www.new-domain/subdomain/webshop --> 404 page not found
https://www.new-domain/subdomain/webshop/administrator --> 404 page not found

https://www.new-domain/subdomain/administrator --> page is shown but once I login I get redirected again to the login page with no error messages

The .htaccess has been modified to include the subdomain in RewriteBase key. I attach it to this post, in case you need to check it.

I also tried to replace all the reference to the old domain inside the SQL dump. Same results.

The only difference between the working site and the new one is that the original site lives in the domain root, and not inside a folder/subdomain. For that, I installed it inside a local Virtual Machine, creating a vitual host, but I had no better results.

I noticed that, in some cases, calling the url http://localDomain/webshop/de, this one is translated as http://localDomain/de/webshop/de, causing redirection loop.

What's wrong? ???

I need to keep Joomla v 2.5.19
My server is running PHP 7 (and it should be a problem... but is this the real problem?)

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Re: Urls messed up after migration

Post by AMurray » Tue Mar 31, 2020 10:09 pm

Joomla 2.5 is old, out of date, and end of life - and won't run on PHP 7. You need to use PHP earlier or up to PHP 5.6 which is also EOL and obsolete.
A Murray
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