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Logged-in User List

Post by jimbrooking » Thu May 30, 2013 4:06 pm

I noticed that the list of logged-in users on the Admin control panel shows the number of users, but in no particular order. The heading says "Last <n> Logged-in Users", but the last activity time stamp is not informative. I added the line

Code: Select all

$query->order('s.time DESC');
after line 34 in /administrator/modules/mod_logged/helper.php, which causes the list to be sorted by reverse order of last-activity. This provides me with a better picture of my site's activity, so am passing it along in case anyone else is interested. If the ordering is not specified as above, I have no idea what the order really is, and suspect it isn't the "Last <n>" at all.

Ideally I'd love to see sort options in the parameters for the module, as I really hate to mess with the Joomla core.


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