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Post by mark » Fri Jan 14, 2011 1:00 pm

Right now I am treating old and new sites differently

OLD SITES - are almost never best migrated immediately after a version change which has major structural alterations. If they aren't broke I'll leave them be until the New Joomla has settled in - templates been tested, new versions of extensions evaluated etc. Anyone who seeks a wholesale immediate migration of a complex existing site where there has been a major rewrite of code and database structure must need their head seeing to.

NEW SITES - in the meanwhile i will develop new sites in Joomla 1.6 - and familiarise myself with it before i do any migration.

The early release of 1.6 is welcome as it saves me developing new sites now only to migrate them later - so it makes sense to develop from new in 1.6 - and the party and release is appropriate.

However I don't think anyone would sensibly want to move their own or a clients working site till they had time to evaluate any changed of layout or extensions used and see the new version in action etc and decide what changes you wan in the want in the migration (you may even feel another cms suits your site better - fair enough go for it!)

Personally i am thinking that we need to think not in terms of migration or upgrade but in terms of import and export of data - eg importing/exporting articles/users/media and extension specific data like events/ profiles.

Maybe we should value more those components that allow the export of their own and other site data!


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