jUpgrade 0.5.3 - Core Content issues

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jUpgrade 0.5.3 - Core Content issues

Post by kenmcd » Wed Jan 26, 2011 11:21 am

I have been testing the migration and writing down the issues found, and current required workarounds.
Any additions, corrections, and useful observations are welcome.
Please reserve whining-about-the-migration-mess posts for other threads.

It is my understanding that a new version of jUpdate will be released soon (0.5.4.alpha).
I would expect a number of these issues may already be addressed in that upcoming new version.

jUpdate is alpha software - it is really not even beta yet - issues should be expected.
Help find and solve all the issues.


Post post any additional content issues you have found.
And post corrections for what I have wrong or simply missed.

I have another analysis in progress for the Menus issues.

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Re: jUpgrade 0.5.3 - Core Content issues

Post by deleted user » Wed Jan 26, 2011 11:31 am

I patched a solution for frontpage to featured which was added to 0.5.3. Can you tell me what fails? If you run Firebug when doing jUpgrade, you can catch the PHP output and any error messages.

The content migration is coded to null alias. We could clear that without issue I think.

I haven't analyzed category migration outside of content, but I think I remember seeing something in the code about categories only pulling from content. Might need to look at that some more.

A big issue with menus right now is the menu to module assignments. Because of some changes to both the menus and modules tables and new default items in each, I think we need some temp tables like the jupgrade_categories table to store converted ID's in to retain those links. I personally have had no time to look into how to implement that.

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Re: jUpgrade 0.5.3 - Core Content issues

Post by Nick Savov » Wed Jan 26, 2011 11:35 am

Great work! :) We could make it better by putting the info in the Joomla wiki ;)
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