ACL Weblinks Problem

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ACL Weblinks Problem

Post by Gangledore » Mon Feb 06, 2012 10:00 pm

Hi. I have a problem using Weblinks with ACL.

I have set up several groups each with 1 or 2 users. I have set the same number of categories in Weblinks e.g.
Group 1 > Links 1
Group 2 > Links 2

I have set the global permissions for each group to 'inherited' which makes all the permissions as 'not allowed' apart from 'site login' which is et to 'allowed' for each group.

Now I head over to Weblinks and for each category change the permissions for the matching group. e.g. Group 1 should have access to category Links 1 only so I set the permissions for Group 1 users under the Links 1 settings to 'allowed' - create, delete, edit, edit state,edit own are all 'allowed' for group 'Group 1' in the category 'List 1'.

When the user logs in and goes to their page of links there are no edit icons so the links cannot be edited, even though they are 'allowed' in the category permisions. If the user tries to add a new link, this is possible but there is no 'state' box so the link is created as 'unpublished'.

Now the anomoly. If I change the global permission for Group 1 as follows: edit 'allowed' then the user can edit the links!
If I change the global permisson for Group 1 as follows: edit state 'allowed' then the user can change the state of links to 'published' etc!

So to me it looks like the component permissions are not overriding the global permissions.

Using Joomla 1.7.5.

Any help would be very gratefuly received.

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Re: ACL Weblinks Problem

Post by poproar » Wed May 29, 2013 7:04 pm

It is interesting that this comment has not been answered for it being old even if it were unanswerable. This makes me believe I am in the wrong place to solve these types of problems in Joomla. I came across this because I am having the same issue in 3.1. Perhaps this isn't worded properly or we are not following some sort of protocol. @Gangledore, did you find a solution? I inserted a conditional as the view iterates through each item which will display the edit link but sadly it throws an error and for edit.own. If the component settings allows edit.own it seems it has to be allowed to edit also which then opens an edit for all which I do not want. Plus it also doesn't override at the category level.

So far i almost believe the problem has something to do with checkout.



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