question about ACL right

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question about ACL right

Post by whitevirus » Sun Apr 28, 2013 4:14 am

I try to set the right to a component calendar.

the rule are:
The calendar of the mother company can be see by all member of the web site.
Each children company can see/modif there calendar but not the other children company calender.
For me that was really a basic right set.

So i try this
I create member group for each company
member company A
member company B
member company C
in the categories page i set the right to each categories
group user member company A with categories A
group user member company B with categories B
group user member company B with categories B
... but it dint work, why it seem the right on the ACL don't have the option see.
i can't understand there is not the right to see

Is my logic not the right way to do it then how is it supposed to be ?

Thank for your time.
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