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Volunteers for Community Channels Workgroup wanted

Posted: Wed Feb 29, 2012 6:01 pm
by pe7er
One of the goals for 2012 of the Community Leadership Team (CLT) is to assess the amount of data channels currently in use and try to condense where possible. A new workgroup will be created that will analyse the current community channels and see where some merging of resources and content can be done. This will result in a report that will be shared with the community and what will be used to actually make the suggested changes and improvements.

CLT is looking for volunteers to join this Community Channels Workgroup. The workgroup will analyse and discuss the current community channels, will retrieve community feedback and work on a proposal for improving the community channels of Joomla.

More information + link to application form (deadline: March 10th, 2012): ... anted.html