Need a letter or confirmation

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Need a letter or confirmation

Postby fran_ddy » Mon Mar 13, 2017 6:55 pm


To the whole team of "Joomla". I respectfully invite you to participate in a JOOMLA conference to be held in Chicago on September 23, 2017. I have been informed that your forum is being held by your community. And I am very interested because I remain very convinced that on this occasion I will acquire enough knowledge that will help me in my professional life. For this purpose, it would be very useful for me to have a letter confirming my participation in this Joomla association, and finally to present to the embassy where I will be interviewed before the consular officer because I do not hold an American visa. My name is Frandy SAINT-JEAN, I am of Haitian nationality currently residing in Kralendijk, Bonaire (Netherlands Antilles) where I work in a construction company of houses. Pending a favorable outcome, I would like to express my deep gratitude

Address Kaya Maria # 18
Kralendijk, BONAIRE CN
Tel : (599) 786 8370

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