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Joomla! Awards Team

Post by bpsullivan » Thu Jun 28, 2012 2:38 am

Joomla! has won several prestigious awards in its history:

With Joomla! 3.0's arrival, more power, features, security, and user experience design and tools will be at our fingertips. With that, we should to be able to win some more awards! Awards help our community in three important ways: first, our software and the volunteers who make it are given the prestige and credit they deserve; and second, awards generally come with a lot of publicity both from the sponsor and that which the Joomla! project can leverage; and lastly Joomla! gains more new users and continues to strengthen its reputation in the world of Content Management Systems.

We'd like to form a group to
  • research recognized international, national and regional competitions that Joomla! could compete in;
  • collect detailed information about those opportunities in a database;
  • submit, nominate or promote Joomla! in those competitions.
Some competitions require lengthy applications, some rely on public voting and community outreach, some can't be entered directly but the jury can be "lobbied." Some require fees to defray the cost of judging. All of this is effort and information the community needs in order to enter more competitions and win more recognition. It's not difficult, but takes time, and it very definitely is important work for our community.

If you would be willing to join a few volunteers already underway on this project, thank you! and please reply below.

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Re: Joomla! Awards Team

Post by techaxess » Wed Sep 18, 2013 2:05 pm

Congratulations for that achievement


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