Discussion for Joomla 3 Developer Outreach

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Discussion for Joomla 3 Developer Outreach

Postby alledia » Mon Jul 02, 2012 1:08 pm

Goal: To make sure that every developer on the JED knows what is coming with Joomla 3 and has the tools to get ready.

Team: Roberto Segura, Nick Savov, TJ Baker, Vic Drover, Anthony Olsen, Chris Jones-Gill. More are welcome, just post below to join ...

  • Start a “My extension will be ready for the Joomla 3 launch” campaign. Maybe add it as a badge to the JED. We’ll call this G3T R3ADY.
  • Send info to the JED userbase
  • Plenty of explanatory tutorials, including on Bootstrap
  • Developer template for component admin interface based on Bootstrap?
  • Developer documentation for how to make their front end views Bootstrap ready.
  • Reach out to ex-Joomla developers or companies who have left Joomla development
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Re: Discussion for Joomla 3 Developer Outreach

Postby mbabker » Mon Jul 02, 2012 2:32 pm

I'm also planning an article for the August JCM with some tips and tricks I've implemented in my extensions while testing on Kyle's UI work and preparing my code to be ready for J!3 at launch.
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