Questions about forum signatures: merge the topics

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Questions about forum signatures: merge the topics

Post by sozzled » Mon Mar 12, 2018 8:25 pm

There are several discussion topics on this forum about the rules relating to forum signatures. The rules are clear: see viewtopic.php?f=8&t=65. We do not need to respond to questions that basically ask the same thing continually.

The main reason that many new users to the forum use these topics is for the purposes of flooding the forum with nonsense so as to increase their post count to the stage whereby they're allowed to add a forum signature. Some of the older topics have been locked, fortunately, in order to prevent this kind of forum abuse. Here is a list of some of those topics:
I suggest that these topics are merged into one topic and that this one topic is locked. I would also suggest that the forum rules are modified so that new users (i.e. people who have posted less than 5 posts on the forum) will be penalised if they repetitively "seek" that information. I also suggest that the merged topic be made "sticky".

I think that my suggestion will help all users of the forum who are here to discuss issues with the Joomla CMS and not waste time with how and under what conditions people can add or modify their forum signatures.

Thank you. :)
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