Need for another Forum

If you have any 'mechanical' forum or Joomla! sites related issues/suggestions with,,,
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Need for another Forum

Post by Joomlales » Thu Aug 18, 2005 6:04 pm

Okay --- I am starting to get the jist of things. Looks like there is a (very loose) plan.

Here's a sugestion from a Businessman (aka businessperson):

Create another Forum Category called "Business Issues". This would be an area where the people that sell the Mambo CMS and solutions based around it could discuss --- and the Moderators could inform. Only clear-headed logical content would be allowed (no rambling).

I am suggesting this as there needs to be some way to keep us non-programming types engaged and commited to Mambo. I suspect that some folks who use Mambo now are already looking for alternatives - if only as a preventative measure.

People like me need "a plan". we need to be informed --- and we need to see a logical path.... So any "I thinks" and "maybes" or "might turn out this ways"  come across as poppycock....  :-\

I have great respect for the community --- Otherwise I wouldn't be spending time on this forum - right?

I am also considered to be logical and rational (even by my wife!). Hence my comments are just that (logical & rational).

Also, from a business perspective, I am offering my "business-sense" to the team if they think I can add value somewhere (no coding project :-*s please) ---  :o

Les  :P


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