Thanks for reducing some of the excessive 'bot activity

If you have any 'mechanical' forum or Joomla! sites related issues/suggestions with,,,
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Thanks for reducing some of the excessive 'bot activity

Post by sozzled » Fri Nov 15, 2019 10:20 pm

I don't know what has changed (or if anyone on the forum management team has instituted any change) or why (and I don't need to know if changes have been made or why) but there's been a marked improvement in the excess "page view" counts seen on new topics created on this forum in the past week or two.

In the past, where a new topic was created, regardless of the number of replies made, the page view counts soared into the tens and hundreds of thousands within a matter of a few days. Not so today.

I've been aware of difficulties with the forum, especially in the past two weeks, resulting in HTTP 503 Service Unavailable errors. While these things occur from time to time, there's been a reduction in their incidence.

So, for whatever reason has resulted in the reduction of "service unavailable" issues, there seems to have been a corresponding/(?)co-incidental reduction in topic "page view" counts. This is good as the "page view" counts are now a better representation of how many human agents are hitting the forum instead of (as I can only guess) the number of 'bot agents targeting the forum.

Good work. Thanks. Cheers. :)
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