Installation Joomla UX without mouse

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Installation Joomla UX without mouse

Post by khalilghenimi » Thu Sep 20, 2012 12:25 pm


When I have only the keyboard the first step is hard.

I click on “TAB” to navigate into the form options, the problems I have are:

- The cursor navigation not organized, the navigation by “TAB” on the last Form never pass to “Site Offline”, i can't modify it.

- Also when I click on “Enter” it never go to the next phase.

- I Click on “TAB” then “Enter” many time, sometimes it doesn’t give any result and sometimes it go to another page that the link doesn’t exist visually like :

o installation/gpl#SEC1, installation/gpl#SEC2, installation/gpl#SEC3, installation/gpl#SEC4
o installation/gpl#TOC1, 2, 3, 4

I think Joomla! Installation and all the others forms should be more flexible to all users (UX). Any form should be maintained and modified by using only the keyboard.
Exemple : ... _form.html

I use : Google Chrome, window7, DELL i5



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