Translation Management?

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Translation Management?

Postby jmcbade » Wed Sep 26, 2012 1:55 pm

I was told that Joomla v3.x would include translation management features built in. I was told that we would need to wait for version 3.x because 2.x still needed a level of backwards compatibility, but that 3.x was going to move forward beyond this.

Looking at the 3.0 Beta 1, I don't see that it exists. It appears it's just like ver. 2.x, the ability to create two "language forks" for a given site, but not synchronization of versions of a particular element between languages, managed withing the Joomla environment.

Am I missing something here or, if it's not included, why was this feature put aside? I find this feature critically important for an international CMS and the community that uses it.

I appreciate information on this issue.



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