Pages work on localhost - but not on server?

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Joomla! Fledgling
Joomla! Fledgling
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Pages work on localhost - but not on server?

Post by aidandon » Sat Oct 17, 2020 7:06 pm

Hi all,

I have a version of Joomla 3.9 running on my machine locally - all works perfectly here.

However, when I port it to my server and try to access some pages such as contact, it throws an error:

An error has occurred while processing your request.
#0 syntax error, unexpected 'version' (T_STRING)

Is there any specific reasoning to why this would be? Accessing the same url locally works successfully.

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Re: "syntax error, unexpected 'version' (T_STRING)": Pages work on localhost - but not on server?

Post by sozzled » Sat Oct 17, 2020 7:28 pm

As a general principle, the error message "syntax error, unexpected 'version' (T_STRING)" indicates that some PHP script is syntactically incorrect with the version of PHP used on the target environment. It could be as simple as a missing semi-colon at the end of a PHP statement. ;)

In order to understand the cause of the issue, it is necessary to enable J!'s "debug mode". When you have enabled debug mode, you should be able to find the source of the problem.

I hope that helps. 8)
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