Very Slow Backend

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Re: Very Slow Backend

Post by itoctopus » Thu Mar 02, 2017 3:39 pm

You are likely crammed on an overcrowded server - and - for some reason - the website(s) causing the load is(are) not active at the moment. Or it might be that your host did some optimization at the server level. - Joomla consulting at its finest - Follow us on Twitter

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Re: Very Slow Backend

Post by ximcix » Sat Feb 24, 2018 1:48 pm

Purge your sessions.

I was having a similar problem where my Joomla 3.8 Admin panel would take upwards of 2 minutes to load after logging in, and each page i navigated to would respond similarly. The front end respond at normal speed.
After days of googling and reading threads like this the tell you about server configuration etc. I tried a few of the suggested quick fixes to no avail, until I saw someone mention Session Handler (database vs php), so I logged into phpMyAdmin and sorted tables by size and found that my sessions table was the largest (1.3 gb).

I don't like messing with databases, so I didn't want to just empty the table, so I logged in to my site Admin panel & looked at the options I had available in Akeeba Admin Tools and saw the "Purge Sessions" button.
Clicked it and waited 5 minutes for it to complete then my backend was flying at normal speeds.

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