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Maintenance checklist

Post by kulot » Thu Aug 10, 2017 7:54 am


For school paper purpose.

What are the things that needs to be done to maintain joomla website?

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Re: Maintenance checklist

Post by sozzled » Thu Aug 10, 2017 8:51 am

This is a very broad and difficult-to-answer question. Everyone will give you their own ideas.

To begin answering the question, I would say that you need four key skills (either you have them or you obtain other people who have those skills). The skill areas are

(a) technical: that is, how to host a website (FTP, CSS, site security) and, specifically for Joomla, an understanding of what are components, modules, plugins, templates, languages, libraries, etc. And, if you cannot write your own extensions for Joomla, the knowledge about where to find those extensions and how to install them. You also need to possess a basic understanding of the operation of Joomla's administration facilities: installing, updating, enabling/publishing/disabling/unpublishing/deleting those parts of Joomla that you will be using. Technical skills are often the ones that most people give priority to in this forum but, in my opinion, they are probably not as important as the other areas that I will list below.

(b) design: this is not limited to graphical design (i.e. the visual layout of the content) but also includes accessibility for sight-impaired users. Design also needs to pay attention to the different ways that people will interact with your site: desktop users, tablet users and mobile users. Design is important to how you attract visitors to your site, how you capture their attention and how you retain their interest and ensure they come back again to visit your site.

(c) journalism: the ability to tell a story in words. A good journalist is someone who can take a difficult-to-understand concept and translate it in words so that other people immediately understand what they're describing. Words matter. If your site had poorly-constructed sentences, bad grammar, spelling mistakes, the incorrect use of punctuation, etc., these are indications of a lazy mind and someone who has little respect for the visitors who read the site. If you have a story to tell then make sure you put the effort into telling the story well.

(d) marketing: your website won't be successful if you don't actively market it. There are billions of sites on the internet. What makes your website better than the others? Why would people want to visit your site? That's where you have to invest time in promoting your site. Seek out other partners; seek out new markets and monitor how well you're achieving a bigger market-share. SEO—if you don't know what it is, learn about it. Successful marketing is the make-or-break of your site.

All of these areas need to be maintained; you need to be vigilant. A website is not a Field of Dreams. If you build it they (the public) will not necessarily come.

I hope that these thoughts form a useful basis for writing your essay.

Maintenance checklist:

1. technical
2. design
3. journalism
4. marketing
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Re: Maintenance checklist

Post by leolam » Thu Aug 10, 2017 8:59 am

This Chapter in the Joomla documentation portal describes very well what you are asking re. technical aspects

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