Breadcrumb issue

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Breadcrumb issue

Postby trogladyte » Mon Jan 22, 2018 8:26 pm

Menus are set up like this:

Top level
- Second level (Single article)
- Third level (Category blog)

Within many of the third level article ares direct links to other article in different categories (as these articles do not have direct, single article links) using Content |<category name> | <article>. As far as getting to the article this works fine but it really messes with the breadcrumbs. Example:

Home | Outdoor & Adventure | Beaches | Arcata - Mad River County Park

Clicking the link in this article at the bottom - Azalea State Natural Reserve - gives the following breadcrumb:

Home | Outdoor & Adventure | Beaches | Outdoor & Adventure| Parks | McKinleyville - Azalea State Natural Reserve

How do I stop Joomla adding the extra categories to the breadcrumbs?
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