SMTP Error!

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SMTP Error!

Post by cspgsl » Thu Feb 08, 2018 11:53 am

I have a form that returns an SMTP Error when the form is submitted.

The email for the domain owner is his own exchange server. I am using his SMTP settings in System > Global > Server.

When the form is submitted, the email arrives at the destination but on the page reload, I get the following error:
SMTP Error! The following recipients failed: domain not found (not relaying for

I also get the same error from Akeeba when it is trying to report
SMTP Error! The following recipients failed: domain not found (not relaying for

The IP is the website's IP.

To verify that the 3rd party form software wasn't the issue, I created a user and got the same error. I then created a user with the domain address and didn't get the error, however, the activation email never arrived.

I was able to obtain the logs and SPF records were added to the domain by the owner’s IT support. While the form email is arriving at the client's destination, It has not made a difference here regarding the error. The person who manages the IT for the domain tried the form from his office and didn’t get the error.

Any insight would be appreciated.

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