Newsfeed 2.5x vs. 3.8x Joomla

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Newsfeed 2.5x vs. 3.8x Joomla

Post by ghostdog » Thu Feb 08, 2018 1:04 pm

Hi folks.

I run a 2.5.x Joomla page and now upgradet to a new 3.8x installation.
All went fine.

But i noticed something really strange.

If i set up a RSS feed with an xml file link inside Joomla 3.8.x
It only shows the topics of the RSS Stream with an link to the RSS Stream itself.

It doesnt show links to the Content at the Wepage producing the RSS feed.

Let me explain.

Link is foobar.xml
then the Newsfeed shows a Header (that couldnt be set invisible)
with the title of the newsfeed Foobar and
from 1 to what ever the single Headings of the content.

1. foobar notice 1
2. foobar notice 2

in 2.5.x the links pointet to html content in 3.8.x it points to foobar.xml

how to solve this?

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