set up a joomla 3.8.5 demo site with multiple users with one log in

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set up a joomla 3.8.5 demo site with multiple users with one log in

Post by RACmitch » Wed Feb 14, 2018 8:35 pm

I want to set up a demo site for a joomla 3.8.5 site. I wish to show a single user/pass for everyone without causing issues or kicking out someone already loggin. I found an old work-a-round from joomla 2.5 that was using this

You will need to edit includes/version.php.   Look for this code:

1. /** @var string Whether site is a production = 1 or demo site = 0: 1 is default */
2. var $SITE = 1;
3. /** @var string Whether site has restricted functionality mostly used for demo sites: 0 is default */
4. var $RESTRICT = 0;

Change the $SITE to
1. var $SITE= 0;

This will allow multiple user logins with only one account.  By default Joomla! allows only one active session per account as a security feature.
You should probably also change $RESTRICT to:

1. var $RESTRICT = 1;

but in 3.8.5 that file no longer exists

does anyone know what file i can find this in 3.8.5 or is there another work around.

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