How to disable "Receive System Email" toggle?

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How to disable "Receive System Email" toggle?

Post by FootLevelers » Fri May 22, 2020 9:04 pm

In the user management area, when editing a user account, there's a toggle that appears for the Administrator and Super User access level.


Is there a way to create a user group and access level that will allow for user administration but NOT show this toggle?

We have customer service teams who need to manage user accounts and some are mistakenly enabling this on client user accounts! That means those clients will get all administrator emails (like other client registrations)! NOT GOOD!

We've communicated to the service team in the past about NOT enabling this feature but people still do it from time to time.

We'd love to create a "Customer Service" user group with permissions to edit user accounts but not have the ability to enable (or even see) the "Receive System Emails" setting.

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Re: How to disable "Receive System Email" toggle?

Post by sozzled » Fri May 22, 2020 9:53 pm

I don't have a complete answer for you and I'm only expressing my personal opinion in my reply.

1) I would recommend that Super Users should always have Receive System Emails = Yes. This is important because otherwise, Super Users may not receive important messages either from the "system" or they may not receive messages from other users who have access to the backend.

2) As far as Administrators are concerned, I would lean towards having Receive System Emails = Yes, for the same reason that site administrators would not be otherwise, perhaps, be contactable by other users who have access to the backend. In order to manage user accounts, a person must be an Administrator (or inherit their privileges from the Administrators group).

3) As far as other users are concerned, it's a matter of choice but if people don't have access to the backend then they probably should have the setting Receive System Emails = No.

4) Your customer service team members should be given clear instructions about the procedures involved in creating new user accounts. You also have the ability to log the actions involved in creating accounts (have you seen the action log?) and therefore you can see who added/changed whose account and when.

5) If you have a customer team member who's not following the user account management policy, you have a few choices. Firstly, if I was responsible for administering the policy, I would quietly take someone aside and explain what the policy was intended to do and why certain things should be done in a certain way. If, after explaining the rationale, a person is repeatedly violating that policy then I would withdraw that person's privileges until they were able to demonstrate that they could comply with the policy.

6) I don't know of a technological method to implement policy to prevent human error. I'm unaware of a technological mechanism to prevent your customer service team members from setting the Receive System Emails in ways that you do not want.
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Re: How to disable "Receive System Email" toggle?

Post by toivo » Sat May 23, 2020 1:34 am

This requirement can be implemented through changes in two areas:

The members of the customer service team need to be in their own user group.

Similar to overrides in the front end, back end views can also have overrides. Overrides are explained in the tutorial How to override the output from the Joomla! core and they can be created in the Template Manager.

In this case, the view to be selected as the override is administrator/components/com_users/user and the Template Manager copies the view to folder administrator/templates/isis/html/com_users/user where the PHP code needs to be added to the file edit.php to exclude the field sendEmail when the logged-in user belongs to the special new usergroup of administrators.
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Re: How to disable "Receive System Email" toggle?

Post by saraheagle » Sat May 23, 2020 9:44 am

Hello, this could be a bit overkill to create a template override as you'll need to make sure it's not been changed each time you upgrade Joomla.

I would do as toivo said and create a new user group, and then install

And you can create some css for the new user group that hides that option.
#jform_sendEmail-lbl, #jform_sendEmail {display:none}

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