Newsflash module and Read More link

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Newsflash module and Read More link

Post by falsinfab » Sat Sep 14, 2019 8:48 pm

Hi all

I set a Newsflash module in my home page with a category connected to a single article only. I set this module to show on Home menu item only. I created also a menu item of the connected article. My problem is the Newsflash module Read More link is created in a format /category-name/article-name. This mean if I click on this Read More link I can see the linked article but the module doesn't disappear from the page cause for Joomla we still are in the Home menu item page. If I click of the article menu item this moduel correctly disappear cause the association with the Home only.

How is possible to "instruct" the Newsflash module to link on menu item path instead of category path? (for allow it disapper when the linked article is showed).
(hope to have explained well the problem...)
Thank you

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