Site takes longer time to open...

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Site takes longer time to open...

Post by kochbidyut » Mon Dec 17, 2012 10:09 am

Hi, I have a joomla site, i get pageviews of about 1 million everyday, the Alexa rank is 8900, i used so many external extensions and the site was working slow' I changed the Template and used a different template which is compatible with my extensions' Now my load speed is 0.4 S' If someone has solved similar issue leave a reply here' u can visit my site clicking here online da or below
koch bidyut
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Re: Site takes longer time to open...

Post by sitesrus » Mon Dec 17, 2012 5:02 pm


You need to see how big your site is in total using something like firebug (firefox). Too many images, js files, css files, and etc. can make it big and slow to download. Using many extensions usually contributes to this quickly. Also a lot of moving parts and code executing isn't good either.

The number of http requests may be a lot too which is bad, js script downloads are blocking so too many will slow you down.

Got a good server? Get more CPU and RAM, and a faster DB (host it on another server maybe). Maybe too many queries and some are very slow.

You should try taking your site offline or making a copy of it and profiling that one and try debug mode and etc. and see all of your queries, cpu usage, and etc. and profile more before asking questions like this.

Also using firebug will help see the pitfalls of your site.

1)Reduce overall website size
2)Reduce number of http requests
3)use compression for your content
4)use cache, and extend the lifetime of how long your downloadable content lives on the clients machine
5)use a CDN
6)Try an opcode cache to optimize php
7)Get better hardware, start thinking about memcache and distributing the load (maybe even try grid computing)

If you're on shared hosting you have little to no options regarding hardware and server software so maybe it's time to upgrade? Otherwise you're sharing your resources so without any dedicated power you subject to a lot of pitfalls.

There's a bunch of answers, but again I haven't seen/profiled your site so I don't really know how to solve your problem without more details.

Hope that helps in some way!
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Re: Site takes longer time to open...

Post by webhostuk » Tue Dec 18, 2012 5:47 am

If you got good traffic I can suggest you to try for clustered solution, host your Database and apache/Email server on different server this will surely increase your website speed. | Best UK Joomla Hosting!
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Re: Site takes longer time to open...

Post by Sizzerup » Fri Feb 15, 2013 11:49 pm

Try using Google's pagespeed test, it tells you how you can improve your site. It relies on more than the speed of the page rather how well it is optimized.


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