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15K word article doesn't save on server with 512MB PHP Memor

Posted: Thu Mar 14, 2013 10:11 am
by maanojrakhit
1. I created an article with 20 thousand words, no graphics, hit "Save & Close", browser went absolutely blank while. Repeated with FF, IE and Chrome, all latest, all same result.
2. Contacted CloudAccess, asked them what's the php memory, they said 512MB. I told them problem, they asked me to submit ticket. I submitted ticket on 8 March 2013.
3. Support staff created a test file, attempted, failed, same result, referred the case to Server Admin. 11 March 2013.
4. Server Admin created a test article, less than 15 thousand words, failed, same result. 12 March 2013.
5. Issue remains pending as of now. Any similar experiences? Any comments?